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What to Expect

Initial Consultation with Treatment $95 

During the initial consultation your Chiropractor will review your primary presenting condition to understand the nature of your problem. If further assessment is necessary following the consultation, x-rays may need to be taken. 

X-rays are only taken where absolutely necessary (Bulk-billed and offsite). If you have past x-rays or other diagnostic scans please being them along to the consultation. 

Subsequent Visits $60

The visits following the initial consultation is when your Chiropractor will discuss your personalised management plan required to give you the maximum benefit and reach your individual health goals. Advice and recommendations are always given. Exercises may be recommended to allow faster progress and help prevent recurrence.

X-Ray Results


  • Do you bulk-bill Medicare rebates?

If you have a referral from your GP under the Enhanced Primary Care Program, we will fully bulk-bill your visit, with no out-of-pocket payments.

  • Are there any private health insurance rebates for Chiropractic visits?

Depending on your level of cover, we can offer instant rebate using our Hicaps machine, and you'll only need to be pay the gap during your visit. ​

  • What causes the sound during an adjustment?

Some Chiropractic techniques produce a small popping sound when adjusted. As your Chiropractor skillfully provides an adjustment, small joint surfaces along the back of your spine are moved slightly. This movement creates a change in pressure inside the joint space. The quick change in pressure causes the pop that you hear. 

  • How often will I need to be adjusted?

Every patient is different and no two spines are the same. Depending on your needs and individual health goals, we will work with you to personalise your management plan.

Claiming Rebates

HICAPS Terminal is located in the clinic for those with private health insurance covering Chiropractic care. Check with your health fund to know your rebate and bring your health fund card with you to your appointment. 


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